How to prepare for an interview

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Oct 01, 2021 | 4 min read

You are invented to an interview and don’t you know how to prepare for it? Then you’re the right place. The way going to successful career life passes a job interview. To be successful in an interview you must take notice of some points below.


Outfit is important not only for an interview, but also wherever you go. Outfit is a part of your style. As they say, a person is greeted according to his clothes and sent off according to his mind. İf you are going to the interview you should look well dressed and tidy. There is no need to be very luxuries. Being simple and tidy always works.

Body language

   When you are in an interview, it’s important not only to answer questions, but also how to answer questions.  Your body language is always more impressive than your words. So, we express 55-60% of things what we want say by our body language. When you enter the room, greeting interviewer or interviewers will form positive impression about you. But don’t think of greeting process as a simple act. This process taking your few seconds gives a lot of information about you to the other party. You should appear confident when shaking hands with someone. Don’t shake hands with other party neither too hard nor too limp. Be always smilingly. Smiling people always are sympathized much more than other people. Nevertheless, it must be in moderation. Smiling doesn’t mean laughing, too much laughing can seriously damage your image. By the moment of entering and sitting, pay attention to your own body language, that is, condition of hands and feet. You can lean back while sitting. It shows to the other party that you’re sure of yourself.

   Make sure that your posture is straight while sitting. Sitting slouched as if carrying load on your shoulders doesn’t form a positive impression on the other side. Do not wave your hands and feet often. People do this kind of actions when they are nervous.  Making eye contact during interview with the other person or persons is one of the vital aspects. If interviewers are two or more persons don’t make eye contact with only one person. İt may disturb others and they may think that you don’t respect them. Touching the face in the form of playing with one’s hair or rubbing nose is not considered as a good body language technique.


   Pay attention your voice tune while speaking, try not shaking your voice. Express yourself with proper, clear sentences. Give cocksure answers to each question. If you give hesitant answers, the other party will be doubtful about you. First and foremost, be honest while talking about yourself. Provide accurate information about your past professional life, skills, knowledge. Otherwise, you will be making yourself a serious adverse publicity. Never denigrate your past work places, coworkers, managers and never malign about them. This will only show how you’re unprofessional. Answer the questions neither too short nor too long. Answer all questions clearly and concisely, evidencing your most relevant skills, experiences and achievements. Before going to the interview, make sure to research the industry and company, and state it during the interview. When you speak, mention that the company or organization you are applying to is interesting to you and that you would like to work there. Such candidates always draw more attention.

   Try to prove that you are good at everything you assert. HRs usually check it. For example, you assert that you are so good at math and suddenly HR gives a question on math. Or you say that you read a lot and the person in front of you ask about the last book you read. Of course, if you cannot answer these questions, it will create negative feedback on you. To avoid such situations, you must have arguments that prove what you say. Most important to HRs is why you want the job and why the role is important to you. Before coming to the interview think about it and explain your answer clearly in the interview.


  • If you write email for the interview or sending CV, you have to watch out some aspects. Firstly, subject line in the email shouldn’t be left blank. It will make you look so unprofessional. To send a CV, you can write the position what you apply and add the word “application” next to it in the subject line of the email.

For example: Translator / application

  • Leaving blank of the text line of the e-mail looks unprofessional too. Try to write a few sentences. You can prepare such a text in the form below.


Hope you are doing well.

I present you my CV on the vacancy you have announced.

Hope to receive good news. Thank you!

  • Using signature in the e-mail will make you look more professional.

  • Always keep your phone silent when entering the interview.

  • Always go to the interview 10-15 minutes early.

  • Don’t look at the watch often during the interview. This is impolite and creates negative thoughts about you.

  • First impression is more important than you think. First 90 seconds of impression effect the response of the interview by 33%.

  • And never forget that you may receive a negative response from an interview. This may be due to the fact that your knowledge and skills aren’t suitable for that position. However, it doesn’t mean that you’re unsuccessful.  If you could have introduced yourself enough in the interview, it means that you have opened a new door for the future.

  •  If you are asked about your negative sides in the interview, be careful on your answer. Never say a negative thought about yourself. As an answer you can say that one of your positive qualities is extreme. For example: I spend too much time on work.

  • If HR asks you various questions and tries to put the screws on you, it’s good news. It means that HR is interested in you and your passing rate is high.

  • Maybe you cannot answer a few questions. If it happens, thank the HR for asking you that question and say that you will complete your shortcomings and learn what you don’t know.


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DillBill Team
Oct 01, 2021 | 4 min read

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