The best 10 universities in the world.

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Oct 01, 2021 | 3 min read
The best 10 universities in the world.

   Every university is ranked at the certain level based on quality of education. There are so many people who interest in ranking of universities where they will study. But I would like to note that in order to get into high ranked universities, any student is required to meet many criteria, depending on the university. Now let’s introduce top 10 universities in the world that are of interest to everyone. The list is based on the opinions of academics who make up the international panel.

  1. Harvard University 

  2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  3. Stanford University

  4. Cambridge University

  5. Oxford University

  6. University of California, Berkeley

  7. Princeton University

  8. Yale University

  9. Columbia University

  10. California Institute of Technology

   At the top of the list is Harvard University of USA. By the way, I would like to note that none of the universities in Turkey and Russia where Azerbaijani students mostly go to study isn’t even among the list of the best 100 universities. According to many sources, 17 universities from Asia are among the top 100 universities in the world. Among Asian universities, universities are ranked like that Toko University 12th, China Tsinghua University 18th, Peking University 21st, and the National University of Singapore 26th. Let's take a look at the details of the top 10 universities under the spotlight. 

Harvard University

This university was founded on September 8, 1636. The main endowment of the university is 34.9 million dollars. There are 9 faculty in use at the university. 

  • Faculty of Arts and Sciences. School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (formerly Division)

  • Harvard College. For undergraduate students (1636).

  • Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. For graduate students (1872).

  • Harvard Division of Continuing Education. comprises 2 schools. Harvard Summer School (1871) and Harvard Extension School (1909).

  • Medical School (1782). Faculty of Medicine and Harvard School of Dental Medicine (1867)

  • Harvard Divinity School (1816)

  • Harvard Law school (1817)

  • Harvard Business School (1908)

  • Graduate School of Design (1914)

  • Harvard Graduate School of Education (1920)

  • Harvard School of Public Health (1922)

  • John F. Kennedy School of Government (1936)

   About 2300 teachers work here. Among them there are 43 Nobel laureates. One year of study at Harvard University costs an average of 42.000 dollars. Two-thirds of students receive scholarships, including foreign students. The rules for admission to Harvard University are very complex, with only up to 20% of applicants having a chance to become a Harvard student. Admission is carried out in 2 stages: test and interview.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

   Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) was founded in 1861 and has played a key role in the development of modern technology and science. MIT education and costs are very expensive for both local and foreign students. MIT licenses and master's programs cost 49,580 dollars a year, and the cost of master's programs for graduates depends on the program itself. The room at MIT is 14,210 dollars per year and is included in the tuition.

Oxford University

   Oxford University uses a unique tutor education system. Due to this, each student is assigned a specialist-guardian in his or her chosen specialty. The major fields of preparation of students are humanities, mathematics, physics, social sciences, medicine, life and environmental sciences. To study at Oxford University, of course, it is important to know English in advance level. Persons with IELTS 6.5 and TOEFL 230 in international exams can be admitted to Oxford with such certificates. However, tuition fees are expensive. In general, a student wishing to study at Oxford University must spend between £1 and £ 30,000 or more, including accommodation and other expenses. Of course, tuition fees vary by faculty.

California Institute of Technology (CALTECH)

   To study in CALTECH is really a hard process. It is required to master a lot of information in a short period of time. There is a popular saying among students here: “Education, sleep, social life: you must choose two of the three”. The highest faculty of the university is the faculty of physics and biology. Unlike other universities in America, the duration of study at CALTECH is not 4 years, but 5. The specialties taught at CALTECH are not divided into basic and additional specialties. Students can specialize in one or two subjects in different departments. CALTECH is distinguished from other universities by presence of imperative course programs on exact sciences.

   All students take 3-5 semesters in mathematics, differential equations and statistics, 5 semesters in physics, quantum mechanics, 2 semesters in chemistry and 3 semesters in biology. All students must take 2 semesters of study in the laboratory, 12 semesters in the humanities and social sciences. Admission to the university is carried out based on competition. Every year, thousand of students from USA and around the world come to study at CALTECH. Students are advised to be careful when filling out the application form for admission to the institute and to answer all questions in full, as the application of each student wishing to study at CALTECH is carefully considered individually.

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Oct 01, 2021 | 3 min read

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